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Coastal Media & Business Marketing - Small Local Business Program


responsive website design, local seo company, PPC advertising campaigns Melbourne Florida Coastal Media & Business Marketing is an internet marketing company in Melbourne, Florida that has recently unveiled a program, offering professional web design, SEO services, and PPC advertising packages to small local businesses.  While most marketing firms are focused on the large and impressive budgets of large national and global businesses, Coastal Media has geared this program to help small business owners attain professional website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click advertising as a cost-effective package that works for their budgets.  In the modern business world, even for a small business, having a professional website with clear focused goals, and a marketing plan to achieve those goals is a must.  Coastal Media noticed there was a void in the marketing industry that was doing a disservice to the small business sector of our economy, which is responsible for driving job growth and employing the majority of Americans today.


The Small Local Business Program options:

• Responsive Web Design

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Campaigns

• Logo Design

• Brochure Design

• Newsletter & Content Design


Clean, professional design and high quality content are essential components of any website that subtly add value to a business's brand, and builds essential trust in your company's professionalism.  The website designs/redesigns are created only after thoroughly understanding the client's business and goals.  Whether you are an established small business or a start-up, it is very important to get your website design right.   Coastal Media's vast expertise and experience provides focused user experiences that help small businesses generate leads and increase sales.  


Search Engine Optimization focused on local area searches for goods and services, also known as local SEO, is generally focus for a small business to get low-cost lead generation and customer acquisition from search engines.  Many small business owners do not have the time or knowledge, and cannot afford to hire a full-time staff to stay ahead of competitors online.  So, many small businesses are not able to take advantage of the organic traffic coming from Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.  This new service aimed at small business owners is a winning proposition, as it is one of the most affordable ways to find your customer at exactly the time they are ready to buy your product or service today.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising requires an additional budget, but has the advantage of allowing businesses to target exact search phrases their customers are using, and gives you precise control over the message being displayed to the customer.  PPC campaigns are also an instant source of traffic and customers to your business's website that can be increased, decreased, modified or paused on the spot.  A PPC campaign sending customers to a well-designed website can be a significant and profitable source of business.  Most small businesses do not have the expertise necessary create an winning campaign, and most marketing agencies that offer these services are aimed at large businesses with million dollar marketing budgets.


Located in Mebourne, Florida, Coastal Media serves clients located all across America, providing customized solutions catering to each business's specific needs.  The goal of this local small business program is to increase your small business's sales and to create a partnership with your business, where the costs of the program are truly an investment, you can clearly see in your monthly performance reports.  Click Here to contact Coastal Media & Business Marketing and learn more about this program.


Coastal Media & Business Marketing Information

Owner: Ben Brewer


Phone: 1-(321)-405-2932


Ben Brewer
Author: Ben Brewer
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