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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Really Does Need a Website

Written by Ben Brewer. Posted in Blog

Do you own a small business?  Does your small business have a website?

If you don't, you are among the 46 to 50% of small business owners that do not have a website, according to several studies and surveys conducted on the matter over the last couple years, including this one conducted by Redshift Research.

When surveyed, respondents were asked for the reasons why they didn't have a website for their small business.  Here are the top responses as to why these business owners did not have a website:

  • We just don’t need one.
  • It wouldn’t help anyway.
  • It would be too hard to set up a website.
  • It would be too expensive or time-consuming to have a website.

You may think that half of your peers also not having a website is a good justification to keep on the same course, but that kind of thinking can get your business into serious trouble.   After all the average business goes out of business within 4 years.  So clearly, you do not want your business to be just average, do you?  It is after all the top 10% of businesses in an industry that typically get 90% of the business.  Plus, other studies focused on the consumer views of businesses that have no website or poorly executed web presences, such as the one for the graph below, show the importance of having a professional website for your business.

9 Reasons your Website isn't Generating the Leads it Should

Written by Ben Brewer. Posted in Blog

9 Reasons Your Website isn't Generating the Leads it Should

Should a small business seriously expect to generate leads and sales from their website in 2017?

Absolutely! Your website has the potential to generate massive amounts of new business for your company, and really it should be one of the largest sources of sales for your business, but you have to take the right steps to unlock that potential.  The reason it isn't, and likely your competitor's website is generating leads and sales, is something you have to comes to terms with.  It's because you most likely have made many or all of these costly mistakes. 

 Let's look at the top 10 reasons how small and local companies leave money on the table for their competitors to take by having websites that don't generate leads.

 There are probably some good and honest reasons why your website isn't feeding your company sales, the sooner you can correct them and get your site working properly, the sooner your website can take the central position of your marketing, where it rightfully should be. With that goal in mind, we present you with the top 9 reasons your website design isn’t generating a substantial amount of leads for your business:

How to Help Your Local Marketing with Google+ Local Listings

Written by Ben Brewer. Posted in Blog


What is the Most Important Thing I Should Do to Market My Business?

Google+ may be at this point in time the most important part of your business's marketing plan. Getting your small business listed well in Google+ Local will almost always have an immense effect on your company's sales.


What is Google+

Google+ Local Pac for Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM, Search Engine Marketing, Social MarketingGoogle+ is a social network, much like Facebook, but it is so much more. While Facebook is certainly more popular than Google+ as a Social Network, the Google+ has a directory of Local Businesses known as Google+ Local that shows up on the search results pages of most any search phrase, regarding local products, services or businesses.


Why is Google+ Important to My Business?

Now, if you consider that Google is the search engine with by far the most users, and if you consider how most people, yourself included, shop for products today, using their phones, devices, and computers, you can't help but understand the importance of your business being listed in Google+ Local.

How Do I Get My Business to the Front Page of Google?

Written by Ben Brewer. Posted in Blog

This may be the most commonly asked type of question I get, as an internet marketer.  And, maybe the most misunderstood.  Inevitably, after someone who runs a small business find out what I do for a living, I get the question, "how do I get to the front page of Google?"  Often, I respond, "very carefullly," sometimes followed by a steely-eyed glare back at me, thinking the answer was in pure sarcasm.  Now, while I am known for a little sarcasm from time to time, and there may even be a little dash of it in that response, but it is, in fact, the literal and correct answer.  You see, to get listed in Google and show up on the front page requires meticulous attention to detail